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    • We’ve overhauled our Overlay tech! It’s more robust than a beaver on a Tuesday (it will work more consistently for more games). The icon will also now fade away after a short time so we don’t disrupt your game space.
    • Invite embeds received glamorification. They’re gorgeous and more informative.
    • Profile popouts are now themed. Our UX/UI team was having a spa day apparently.
    • The Discord system tray just came out of the hyperbolic time chamber. It’s context menu now has shortcuts to quickly mute, deafen, and open voice/video settings.
    • FURTHERMORE, the system tray icon will now change based on whether you’re talking, muted, deafened, or idling. This was requested on our feedback site.
    • Added option to make Discord scared of you and hide minimized on startup. This was also requested by you guys!
    • The app icon in the taskbar now proudly displays unread messages as a badge.
    • Annoyed by unread messages displayed as a badge? There’s new notification options to toggle the unread indicator on the app taskbar.
    • You can now have Discord close when you click dat X button. Another request from you guys!


    • Changing your input device will now properly change your input device, 100% of the time, because we decided the 80% RNG was providing a poor experience >.>
    • Discord now respects your PC’s default device. Change your default device? Discord changes too. Follow the leader!
    • TTS now says roles and nicknames correctly wwwwwwwwwwwwwww
    • We’ve tucked away a few discriminators that were still showing during streamer mode.
    • Font scaling now properly scales code blocks. Block scaling initiated.
    • Emoji picker didn’t want to be picked in DMs. We employed some conflict resolution tactics, and you can now properly send emoji again.
    • Do Not Disturb now actually doesn’t disturb you with friend requests and suggestions.
    • CTRL+SHIFT+T hotkey should no longer crash the app lol that’s a good fix, thanks engineers 10/10
    • Category notification settings now properly apply directly to the forehead.
    • Our search feature now understands that two channels can have the same name. #whytho #whytho #whytho


    • User popout and profiles have been themed. Consistency ahoy!
    • There’s a new screen for creating an instant invite because we’re constantly trying to improve the user experience.
    • Auth screens, which are now themed, prefill email and 2FA so we can expedite your boarding process.


    • Significant data reduction for loading images because we now use Webp format for image previews.
    • Now support media keyboard for all your visually communicated emotions.
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